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The Hindu , 4h July, 2008,New Delhi, Critic Smt. Leela venkataraman
"Richa Performed her Teen tala nritta with the ease of an experienced campaigner. She was in effortless control, confidently changing rhythmic accents and the drut laya sequences showed a dancer with enviable training. The combined Jaipur/Lucknow gharana expertise was in full flow in the dancer"
Statesman ,New Delhi , Thursday, 9th June, 2011 by critic Smt. Manjari Sinha
“There used to be a time when Kathak dancers used to be dancers, percussionists and vocalists all rolled into one ; or atleast capable of singing for their expressional numbers themselves , but barring Pt. Birju Maharaj, Uma Sharma and Urmila Nagar, there is hardly any artiste in the present generation to do this. Richa Jain successfully meets this criterion by her versatility. She is a brilliant dancer and a melodious singer too
Tribune, Jammu, 12th December, 2011
A Kathak dance by Richa Jain left the gathering in the jam-packed hall spell bound.
Rashtriya Sahara , 19 June, 2011, New Delhi Critic- Sh. Ravindra Mishra
"Richa Jain ne Kathak ki paramparagat dono vidhaon mein – Nritya aur Gayan mein pakad banaye aur apne pratibha ka shaandar pradarshan diya"
Hindustan Times , Ht Live, 15th February, 2010, Bhopal
"Richa Jain Captivates"
The Pioneer, Lucknow, 19th June, 2010
"As her father Guru Ravi jain is from the Lakhnavi gharana and her mother Smt. Nalini Jain is well versed with the Jaipur Gharana, Richa displayed a bit of both styles"
Friday, June 12, 2009,Tribune , Chandigarh
"Gifted with exceptional talent, she embodied, grace, precision and tremendous stage presence”. Richa drew applause especially while delineating the "Thumri and Ghazal" which she sang herself.
THE TRIBUNE, Lifestyle MONDAY, JUNE 15TH,2009, CHANDIGARH, Critic Sh .S.D. Sharma
Born to dance
"Born to the renowned kathak maestro couple Ravi Jain of the Lucknow gharana and Nalini Jain of the Jaipur gharana, Richa inherited, learnt and imbibed the best of both the worlds.
The Pioneer , 22nd September, 2012, Lucknow
"Kathak Sandhya mein Richa Jain ki Prastuti par Jhoome darshak"

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